why doesn't backspace work in real life?

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On Monday I told me counsellor about how I tried to kill myself on the weekend. She got soooooo freaked out. Then I had to see the doctor that afternoon. She made me go to the hospital and stay  overnight on "suicide watch". It totally sucked!

Now I have to see pscyhiatrists (I can't spell it) and pschologists.
Maybe it won't even help.

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So the Fall Out Boy concert is on tonight and I'm not going :(
:(  :(  :( :( :( :(
    :(                    :(     
                                     ;(    :(   
     :( you get my point :(

But Maddy's going so I guess at least I get to hear about it............ but still.

And they're only 3 hours away from me!
It totally sucks.

Sorry for posting that but I had too.

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Today was a pretty bad day.....

Bad things:

My friends are non-emo so they don't understand me.

I tried cutting myself with a pencil sharpener in school.

My friends took it off me (before I did any damage).

(I'm going to tell you their names so I can stop saying "friends", Maddy and Chelsea).

My old "before emo times" friends have started talking to me again.

I have to see the counsellor tomorrow. (Maddy and Chelsea are forcing me)

Swimming in H.P.E. tomorrow and I have scars on my legs and arms.

I think Mad and Chels are going to ditch me soon coz they're probably sick of me being depressed,emo, suicidal etc.

This is the worst:
I think I might be bi because I think I like Maddy but the worst part is she likes guys only.
Oh god if she reads this I am sooooooooo fucking dead!!!!!

                                                    Kill me now

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Oh my god.
I have an appointment with the school counsellor on Tuesday.
My teacher gave me this freaky look when I told her.....
My friends are really "proud of me" but I have a feeling it's not going to help at all

I don't even think I want help

Emo bands or songs
I was just wondering if anyone knows any really  emo songs?????

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Panic! At the Disco are soooooooo awesome!!!!!!
Ryan and Brendan are so HOT!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I'm in an okay mood for once.

Is Ryan emo?
Well he looks like one........


End of the holidays
I am dreading tommorow because we have to go back to school.
Hmmmm I wonder how mant times I'm gonna get called emo in a day?
I can't wear long sleeves because it's summer over here, or even armbands because the school is so strict.
Oh well I guess I'll survive......

My Chemical Romance
I'm kinda in a happy mood so I thought I'd post some MCR pics

Gerard looks like a little, lost, puppy. Awwwwwww

Frank is really cute, like always!

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Wow.....I finally saw Twilight !!!!!!!!

I love it,like, seriously the best movie ever made.
I almost cried at the start I'm not sure why and then I cried somewhere in the middle when Edward was telling Bella why he's a monster and everything, then I cried at the end.


Edward is is such a beautiful vampire.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were brilliant as Bella and Edward!!
I need to see it again!
Do you people in America know when it comes out on DVD?



The dream.....thing
Last night I was lying awake listening to the rain when i felt this cold breeze on my face then i felt something freezing brush my lips
at the exact same time an image filled my mind ::::I saw a guy with beautiful pale skin and jet black hair lean down towards me he looked kinda like a vampire..........

I was not dreaming

It was so, so mysterious,
Does anyone have any idea what  is going on and don't worry I'm not going crazy.


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